A: Putting rainbows on things!

(Um… are we at all surprised by this?)

Although it doesn’t prominently feature my hair, this video is still a must-see (must-post-on-facebook, must-email-to-yr-mom, etc.). If you have feelings about it and/or want to know more about the awesome cast & crew, check out putarainbowonit.com.

By the way… should I keep the mustache?

Don’t call it a comeback.

No, really.  Don’t.  To do so would imply that I was on hiatus from something–in this case, blogging–but we all know that I was not actually doing that “something” in the first place. I mean, let’s face it: I haven’t blogged in like, a YEAR, yo–and even when I did it was, shall we say, intermittent.  And largely in the form of vlogging.  Which counts!  But still.

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