Funny? Maybe.

FYI, dear readers, “Call Me Maybe” has been stuck in my head… every.  F-ing.  DAY since I wrote that STUPID POST!!!!!  In other words, my life is a living hell.  Now, I know what you’re thinking.  “No punishment could be too harsh.”  Fine.  If this is the price I have to pay for bringing some existential meaning into all of our lives, then so be it.  Just put me on suicide watch, maybe?

On a lighter note, please find below the long-awaited video of my stand-up act from the 2012 Friendpal Talent Show.  I can’t say my routine doesn’t somehow involve (surprise!) Canadian teen pop stars, but at least there’s no “Call Me Maybe”.  At ALL.  I swear!


One Comment on “Funny? Maybe.”

  1. Dude, Call me maybe… still in my head! Like, I wake up singing it. Great stand up act!


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